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Version Release: LeadCoin’s Alpha V1.2

This past week our developers worked tirelessly to improve LeadCoin’s network by improving the network’s performance and adding new features. A number of our improvements came thanks to feedback from our strong community. We hope that our community will continue to use and test LeadCoin’s Alpha, as we’re doing everything we can to create the best possible lead sharing network. Here’s a breakdown of this week's version release. 



Here’s a breakdown of some of the new features that you’ll now see in LeadCoin’s Alpha V1.2: 


1. Send us your feedback 


We’ve added an area that allows you to easily send us your feedback about LeadCoin’s network. It’s important for us to receive all of our users’ feedback and incorporate it into our development of The LeadCoin Network. To submit your feedback simply click on the green tab that’s located on the left-hand side of the network.





2. Option to edit a lead


You can now edit a lead’s details after you purchase the lead. This editing can be done via either your mobile device or on your desktop computer.  To edit a purchased lead simply click on the pencil icon when you hover over your lead in the My Leads page.




3. Option to sell a purchased lead within the system

You are now able to easily resell a lead in the system after you purchase it. To do this, simply go to your My Leads page, select the lead(s) you wish to sell and then click on the button labeled “Move Lead to Sell.”





We hope that these new features will make it easier for you to buy and sell leads in LeadCoin’s network. Stay tuned for next week’s version release, as we’ll announce the new version on our Telegram, Twitter and on our Blog




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