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Dear LeadCoin Community,


Our Crowdsale is only 9 days away, and we're thrilled to share the following updates with you:


1. Smart Contract: LeadCoin’s Token Sale Smart Contract is now on GitHub.


It was important for us to publish the Token Sale Smart Contract on GitHub prior to the sale, so our community could see and understand the smart contract.  If you have any questions about the smart contract or the terms of the token sale, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram.



2. Our Token Sale will run for up to 10 days*, starting March 1st at 10am GMT. Click here to register. 


We recently extended our Token Sale from 100 minutes to 10 days to make sure that as many of our community members as possible could contribute. That being said, it's very possible that we’ll reach our hard cap of $50 million before the 10 days are up, so make sure to buy your LDC tokens as soon as the sale opens!


3. White Paper has been finalized: Details on quality assurance, contract discussions and more. Read our White Paper here.


We recently finalized our white paper to expand on some of our sections and to include our new team members. 17 happy faces on the LeadCoin team and counting! 



4. Boca Conference Our Founder, Shmulik Grizim, is currently in Boca Raton as a Gold Sponsor and Speaker at the Wall Street Conference to spread the great news about LeadCoin to potential token buyers, blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts.



It’s been a busy time for Shmulik lately, as he's been to New York,  Macau (China), London, and now Boca in just a couple of months! Our team also attended the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Gibralatar, where our CMO, Eyal Rosen spoke before a crowd of potential token buyers and crypto enthusiasts. We're looking forward to another great event where we hope to connect with more potential token buyers and major influencers in blockchain and crypto.


5. Referral Program: Our referral program was unofficially launched for 12 hours last week and was shared by 1,000+ community members. 


Our referral program went out before it was supposed to, oops! The good news is, it was such a success that we had to pause it due to the overwhelming amount of responses. Stay tuned on our website and Telegram group for any updates on the referral program. 


6. Our Telegram has reached 8,000 members! Still not signed up? Click here to join the conversation. 


What more can I say about our Telegram group?! I’m amazed by the size and positivity that’s come from our followers, and I look forward to the continued growth of the LeadCoin community.


7. Stox prediction: Our sister company, Stox, has initiated a prediction for LeadCoin’s Token Sale: How fast will LeadCoin sell out in their upcoming token sale? 1 minute? 8 hours? 1 day? 2 days or more? Make your prediction by clicking here.


Stox is a decentralized prediction market platform, where users can make their predictions to 

generate their portion of a stake for a specified event ( We hope to continue our successful partnership with Stox until and beyond our token sale.


As we keep gaining momentum, I’m eager to hear your thoughts on LeadCoin and the way we use Blockchain to re-model the web marketing industry. If you have any questions, come chat with us on Telegram


9 Days and Counting,


Shmulik Grizim, 


Founder, LeadCoin



*Remember, the crowdsale closes as soon as we reach our hard cap of $50M. It may take much less than 10 days.





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