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 Recap: The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tel Aviv

Yesterday we attended the Blockchain & Bitcoin conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, where our R&D team is based. We were the Exclusive Sponsors of the event, and our Founder, Shmulik Grizim, spoke about LeadCoin on the main stage. 



Shmulik spoke about how LeadCoin will empower both consumers and businesses to monetize their data. Shmulik also mentioned that LeadCoin’s demo will be released next month. We’re excited to bring this news to our community, as we know that you’re all enthusiastically awaiting updates about our development of the network. 



Otherwise, the whole team had a great time interacting with community members, industry experts and newcomers who had not yet heard about LeadCoin. We received excellent feedback on our successful token sale and on our progress thus far. 



Overall we’re very happy with the success of this event. We had a chance to share the great news about our upcoming demo release to our community, and we interacted with a number of LeadCoin supporters. We’ll continue our roadshow next month when we attend the Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Stay tuned to our Announcement Group on Telegram to hear about all of our upcoming events. 




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