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Recap: The PropTech 360 Summit​

Last week our Founder, Shmulik Grizim, and our CMO, Eyal Rosen, attended PropTech360, a global real estate and technology summit, in Jerusalem, Israel. We attended the event because we believe that the real estate industry could greatly benefit from a decentralized web marketing solution and that LeadCoin presents an excellent alternative to Google and Facebook. 



Our Founder, Shmulik (left), and our CMO, Eyal (right) attended the PropTech360 Summit and met with real estate professionals from all over the world. 


We presented LeadCoin in front of over 200 real estate professionals, and received positive feedback from many of them. These professionals came from all over the world and we had a chance to interact with many of them at our booth following the presentation. We also gave one-on-one demonstrations of our product preview to a select number of real estate brokers at the event. Some of these brokers even indicated that they would be amongst the first users to buy and sell leads on the LeadCoin Network once its live. 

Eyal gave a brief overview to attendees, many of whom responded positively and expressed interested in using The LeadCoin Network. 



We’re very pleased with the positive reception from the real estate community at PropTech360, as we believe that real estate could be one of the first verticals to utilize The LeadCoin Network. We’ll continue to attend events to show the value of LeadCoin to potential users, as we’ll be in Japan later this month for Japan Blockchain Conference, and we’ll also be travelling to Amsterdam for the Blockchain Expo Europe


Stay tuned for all updates on our events here on our blog and on our Telegram group




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