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Recap: Development Updates for the Alpha Version & LeadCoin's Twitter Bounty​

Development Updates for the Alpha Version 


The team has been working hard on the blockchain integration with the network, so transactions from the LeadCoin network will occur on the Ethereum Blockchain. This involves developing the smart contract and giving users links to Etherscan to view their transactions. In addition, the team is working on functionalities that allow for the parallel execution of transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain. All of these developments are very exciting, as we’re seeing the vision of LeadCoin being brought to life on the Ethereum Blockchain. 


In addition, our development team has been working on the Alpha Version of LeadCoin. The team is working on different features for the Alpha and on the guided walk-through for first time users. Anyone who opens an account will receive a brief tour that explains how you can buy and sell leads on LeadCoin’s network. 


Otherwise, the team is constantly making improvements to the UI and UX of the network based on internal feedback and testing. Lately, one of the big projects has been programming the ability for users to upload a CSV file with a large number of leads into the network. One of the most complicated aspects of uploading a CSV file is making sure that the seller’s fields match up with the fields inside the LeadCoin Network, and for this reason our developers have created a CSV mapping mechanism, which allow users to match up their field names with those inside the network. 


You can see the code for all of our latest developments on GitHub, as our team is uploading new code on a daily basis. 




Twitter Bounty Program


Last month we launched our Twitter Bounty Program, where one participant would win $500 in LDC for having the most likes and retweets of seven LeadCoin tweets. We had a number of participants who received some great engagement on Twitter, with 1,591 total likes and retweets. Congratulations to Hoang Buihuy, the winner of  LeadCoin’s Twitter Bounty Program! 





Hoang had an amazing 695 total engagements on seven LeadCoin tweets. We couldn’t be happier with the engagement and participation from our community with this bounty program, and we look forward to launching more bounties in the near future. 


Stay tuned for more development and bounty updates by joining our Telegram group.  



Stay tuned for more development and bounty updates by joining our Telegram group. 





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