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Aminadav Glickshtein

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April 08, 2018

Q&A with our new Head Of Development Aminadav Glickshtein






We recently hired a new Head of Development to lead the development team that is building LeadCoin’s decentralized lead sharing network. Our management team interviewed a number of very qualified candidates, and we’re happy to announce that we hired Aminadav Glickshtein. Here’s a quick Q&A with Aminadav about his background, his vision for Blockchain technology and his vision or LeadCoin. 


What’s your background in Blockchain and web development?

I started coding at the age of seven and haven’t looked back since. I’m a self-taught, full-stack & Blockchain developer, and I’m constantly teaching myself new technologies that will help me continue to code quickly and efficiently. Over the past four years, I’ve focussed on full-stack development,  NodeJS and Blockchain development. I also speak publicly and mentor startups on big data and cyber security, and I’ve been rated in the top 2% of developers who help others by Stack Overflow for the past three years. 


From 2014-2016, I co-founded and acted as the CTO of GiftWizard, an eCommerce app that could be installed on any website in one click. Websites come in all shapes and sizes and feature an endless amount of possible plugins, which makes creating an app that seamlessly works with all websites a very difficult task. We designed machine learning algorithms for creating gift recommendations, and this was a significant challenge because every site has a different inventory of items. I was also the CEO & CTO of BackupBox, a secure and affordable way for people to backup their files and protect against ransomware. 


I’ve worked as an external developer for several leading cryptocurrency projects. I was responsible for security, writing smart contracts, API and interfacing the product with the Blockchain.


What’s your vision for the future of Blockchain technology?

While many of us believe that Blockchain technology will have a significant impact on our lives, I believe that the Blockchain is revolutionary, like the printing press. While the printing press helped people share ideas, from the author to the community, the Blockchain will let everyone share data. Everyone can be an author of data. Books always had censorship, but no one can control how you can send transactions on the Blockchain. Blockchain combines theories from multiple fields such as economics, philosophy and game theory to create a way for people from all over the world to work together. It could even spark peace efforts between nations that otherwise wouldn’t be able to see eye-to-eye. Imagine a world where two warring nations both use the same cryptocurrency. It could actually be to their benefit to work together instead of fighting each other.


Cryptocurrencies are based on smart contracts, and the rules outlined in the smart contract will be the same for everyone. It’s true that smart contracts can benefit one person over another; however, the contracts will be transparent. Everyone knows the game’s rules, and everyone can choose if they want to participate.


Furthermore, I believe that Blockchain technology can improve nearly every industry. Take micro-payments for example. A blogger who wants to make money from their site visitors currently has to create advertisements on their blog. With Blockchain, these same bloggers could simply set up a mechanism that would charge page visitors less than a cent for a pageview. Blockchain technology could also allow charities to quickly raise money and to give contributors way to transparently vote on how the money is spent. 


What’s your vision for the future of LeadCoin?

Leads often contact a business looking to fill their needs and don’t find the right solution on the first try. After receiving the customer’s permission, LeadCoin allows the business to then sell the customer’s contact details and a description of their needs to another business that could be a better fit. The Blockchain allows the whole transaction to be transparent, except the PII that will be encoded.  Leads may see how their data is being sold and will have control over protecting their data from being spread without their consent.  


While LeadCoin presents a promising possibility for consumers, constructing the network will bring plenty of challenges. I anticipate the first challenge will be to introduce a great number of individuals to the Blockchain who until now have been primarily using off-chain technologies. The team will aim to create a solution whose benefits will motivate potential users to join the Blockchain alternative to lead acquisition that will be LeadCoin. 


While the network will benefit buyers, seller and consumers, it may be most beneficial for consumers, who by using the network will be able to control the offers that they receive. 


What would you like to accomplish in the next month at LeadCoin?

I’ll have two major tasks over the next month. The first will be to finalize the initial code for the LeadCoin network and make it open source, so community members can examine the code and provide feedback. It’s important to me that the community has a major say in the construction of the network, and presenting our code to the community is the best way to achieve this. We hope to complete the code and more detailed plans for future development in the next month. 


I’m also very busy interviewing prospective developers. I believe that it’s imperative to hire developers with an in-depth understanding of the languages in which they code, and I’ve constructed tests to specifically test prospective developers on their specialties. 


What are some challenges that you foresee over the next month? 

While it’s been a great start here at LeadCoin, the beginning hasn’t come without some challenges. First I need to make sure that I don’t get stuck in the elevator anymore on my way to the office. I’ve also had some trouble with my key card for the office, but the building management team has assured me that both issues are behind us :) 


About the development challenges we want to create a product that will be user friendly and applicable not only to Blockchain geeks and crypto enthusiasts, but to users who until now have been unfamiliar with Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This is what we’re currently working towards and will be our first challenge. 


We spoke about the vision, but where should people go if they’re interesting in learning more about LeadCoin’s technology beyond what’s written in the white paper? 

Soon we’re going to release our code on GitHub. Everyone is invited to review the code, send pull requests, and open the discussion. In addition, if you have more questions about the product development you’re  invited to ask me directly in the upcoming Q&A session. 



Coming up

Stay tuned for our April-10th live product Q&A with our Founder, Shmulik Grizim, and our Head of Development, Aminadav Glickhstein. We’ll provide further details on our Telegram Announcement group. 



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