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Head of Technical Support 

Our Favorite Blockchain Value Propositions of 2018​

The blockchain has far-reaching implications, but we’re going to focus on three powerful value propositions. Here are our favorite blockchain value propositions for 2018.


Blockchain can add transparency in supply chain


The things we buy and interact with on a daily basis are part of a long, complicated global supply chain. It is estimated that something as simple as a meal travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles across the United States before reaching your table. This is a consequence of farms being located far outside of city centers. Indeed, the majority of food cost is tied up in storage and transportation - not growing.


Let alone items like clothing and furniture, which are almost all produced in countries across the world and travel here, slowly, by cargo ship. So how can the blockchain help?


Well Skuchain, a blockchain startup, is looking to revolutionize supply chain management through “collaborative commerce”. By bringing together all of the constituents of a supply chain and sharing data between them, Skuchain hopes to remove manual processes and paper with a single, immutable ledger and fast, cross-border transactions.


Blockchain can enable effective enterprise sales


In much the same way, LeadCoin promises to enable more effective business and enterprise sales. Regardless of industry, companies are heavily reliant on their sales and marketing investments. And the success of the business is dependent on how efficient and effective these investments are.



LeadCoin has created a two-sided marketplace for leads where businesses can sell their less relevant leads on the platform, while pinpointing and purchasing hot leadsAlana  in real-time. This is a new, direct approach to cultivating leads.


This is also a great example of how the blockchain’s core features, immutable records, fast digital assets transactions, and a high level of trust between parties that do not know each other can be leveraged.


Blockchain can save money and lives in healthcare


According to the World Health Organization, the world spends $6.5 trillion US dollars per year on healthcare. That comes out to about $950 per person. But, in the United States, the number is more like $8,300 per person (WHO)!



The majority of healthcare cost, like the majority of food cost, is not tied up in the service itself. The administrative costs in healthcare have ballooned recently, and are the cause of the rapid inflation. Here is another opportunity for the blockchain to disrupt the industry.


One of the biggest pieces missing from the healthcare industry today is an integrated data platform. Blockchain startup BurstIQ plans to fix that. Their platform integrates data from doctor and hospital visits, pharmacy prescriptions, health tracking apps, genomic reports, and more into a single HIPAA-compliant repository.


BurstIQ, and other blockchain healthcare companies, can dramatically reduce the amount of overhead and cost associated with treatment by providing a more holistic view into a patient’s history and improving the processes in place to go from diagnosis to treatment.




These three value propositions were chosen because of their impact, but also because of how tangible they are. The impacts in supply chain management, enterprise sales, and healthcare can already be seen today.



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