Aminadav Glickshtein

Head of Development

GitHub Release: LeadCoin’s Webapp Architecture and Code 

Our development team has been busy since our last code release, as we’ve worked on both the frontend and the backend of LeadCoin’s web app. The developers are constantly adding new code to GitHub and they’ve made over 800 commits! Right now they’re simultaneously working on the frontend and the backend of the web app, and they’re working on the API that will allow the frontend to communicate with the backend.


When planning the architecture of the frontend, and the backend, I planned it to support a huge scale, without sacrificing the performance. By separating the frontend and the backend, we can put the frontend files on any content delivery networks, such as S3, Google Storage, or even GitHub Pages, and the files will be distributed to hundreds of servers arounds the world. The frontend assets (html,css,js) will be generated ahead of time, using the popular library Webpack and will not take any computation resources. It doesn’t matter how many users will use the app simultaneously because they will experience the interface at the same speed.


For the backend, I wanted to ensure that we can scale and serve an ongoing increase in the number of requests per second. For that, I designed the system to be stateless, and will support deploying the same backend to multi-servers, while using the same data layer. 


The team is following the below blueprint for the web app, steadily working through the aspects of the app. So far things are going well, and we’re on track for our Q3 Alpha release! 


Stay tuned for further GitHub updates on our Telegram group. 



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