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LeadCoin’s LDC Token is now on HitBTC

We’re happy to announce that the LDC Token can now be traded on the HitBTC exchange.  HitBTC has operated since 2013 and has proven itself as a secure and fast trading platform. The exchange also contains an API that gives you access to additional features that make trading on HitBTC even easier. 


Don’t know anything about trading on crypto exchanges? No worries, because HitBTC’s blog has plenty of tips to help you get started. With low fees and 24/7 support, HitBTC sets itself apart as one of the top crypto exchanges available. Being listed on HitBTC is another great step for LeadCoin, as we’re continuing to build on our goal of having the LDC Token listed on as many exchanges as possible.


Click here to open an account and start trading on the HitBTC exchange. 




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