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LeadCoin’s LDC is Traded on QRYPTOS 

We’re thrilled to be listed on QRYTPOS, one of the world's most advanced trading platforms. This is a major milestone for the LeadCoin community, and specifically our growing Japanese community who’ve supported LeadCoin before, during and after the crowdsale.  


One of the main objectives of QRYPTOS is to offer the safest platform for listing and trading tokens. The exchange has enhanced security and is fully compliant with KYC/AML standards. 


We’re additionally excited about being listed on QRYPTOS, as the founders of QUOINE and QRYPTOS believe that blockchain technology is the future of financial transactions. This falls in line with our belief in the power of the blockchain to support trusted transactions. In September 2017 QUOINE became the first global cryptocurrency exchange to be licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA). 


Click here to buy LDCs on QRYPTOS.





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