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Shmulik Grizim enters the cryptocurrency world after founding and heading three successful tech companies within the SaaS, web design and digital marketing industries including Webydo, a patent -protected web platform with a global network of more than 300K users. Webydo was named by Forbes as one of the five startups that are reshaping the web economy. Grizim specializes in building new digital corporations from the ground up, constantly searching for solutions that promote the creation of a better web for all.



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2 Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016) See -

3 Digital ad spending in 2017 is $204B. See:

4 The average conversion rate in AdWords across all industries is 2.7% on the search network and 0.89% on the display network. (WordStream, 2016) See:

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6 Leads have full control over their information: they must provide consent to be approached by other providers of course, and they also can update the expiration date of their need or any other preferences at any time. In my next blog posts, I’ll explore LeadCoin’s leads’ empowerment in more depth.


Why We Think It’s Time For A Blockchain Alternative to Google & Facebook’s Duopoly: LeadCoin’s Lead Sharing Network​

Life in Paradise and My Own Doubts


Web marketing opened new horizons for all of us.  It’s an amazing sphere to build your brand awareness, but more importantly it offers a paradise where businesses can connect with new customers and fuel growth.


Yet, I want to raise a couple of questions that might seem a bit provocative.


First - are we really doing it right?

Second - who are we building value for while doing it?


Are We Doing it Right? The Web Marketing Workflow


Google & Facebook duopoly is dominating web marketing with an almost unprecedented growth rate. Facebook alone has a 54% year-over-year revenue growth.1 The crack in this heavenly brave new world is that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with the current workflow. The main reason is low conversion rates.2  Every year, businesses spend more than $200B to attract traffic to their websites.3 However, less than 3% of site visitors actually convert into paying customers.4 The remaining 97% of leads go unused and the marketing budget invested in attracting them is lost.  


So, there’s a systematic flaw in the web marketing funnel that we all trained ourselves to think is natural and necessary. It’s a massive loss of potential customers who are actively seeking services or products, but didn’t find a match for their required budget, schedule, geography, technical capabilities or any other preferences with the business they’ve contacted.  


This seemed to be a tremendous waste of time and money for both the businesses who attracted these potential customers and for the leads themselves.  


I’ve experienced this in the past three companies that I’ve founded. In Webydo5, a web creation platform for professional designers and agencies, we had 300,000 unused leads. 300,000 businesses with an immediate need that clicked on our ads, reached our website, registered and talked with our sales representatives but didn’t match our service. In most cases, our platform was either too expensive or too sophisticated for a DIY user.


That was the root of the first question we asked ourselves - are we doing it right?

After spending great deals of money on web marketing and growing white hair on the heads of our talented marketeers, we still wondered -  is there a smarter alternative to the current web marketing workflow?


We think there is...


It’s Time For A Decentralized Network For Real Time Lead Sharing


Blockchain technology gave us the needed tools to create LeadCoin, the first decentralized lead sharing network that empowers businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other businesses with no middleman.  Using Blockchain, LeadCoin enables real-time lead sharing, while the lead is still “hot” and in need of a service or a product. These are not lists of “dead leads” who needed something at some point in the past; this is a smart, real-time system for automatic lead sharing.


How does it work?


After receiving leads’ consent to be approached by other providers,6 sellers upload their unused leads to our network instantly. All lead data is verified and qualified. LeadCoin’s matching algorithm then analyzes and matches leads to buyers. Leads who didn’t match one business, are now the perfect match for another.



Here’s a quick example of how it works. A potential customer contacts a broker with an interest in buying an apartment in Brooklyn. However, this broker is serving only Manhattan. The broker uploads the lead to LeadCoin and another broker serving the Brooklyn area buys the lead and closes the deal. Or another example from a different industry: a bank is refusing to give a loan to a customer that doesn’t have enough collateral. However, the bank uploads the lead to LeadCoin and a smaller lender with different preferences buys the leads and provides the loan to the happy customer.  


How are we doing it? Blockchain!


Blockchain enables real-time transactions between two parties who don't know each other in a trusted and efficient way, with no middle man. Trust is crucial for real-time lead sharing. Sellers of unused leads need to know that the sensitive business information they provide will not be abused, while buyers want to ensure that they’re paying for relevant and trustworthy data. LeadCoin’s Blockchain network , fortified with the Ethereum Smart Contracts, provides both trust and transparency. Everyone can review the full buyer and seller transaction history, ranking and lead scoring. Transaction data is stored in a decentralized system distributed across many computers and maintained by all users, so no one can manipulate the data or give privilege to any transaction. This way businesses can exchange leads among themselves, with no middleman and in real-time.


So instead of buying traffic and waiting to convert a small percentage of it to paying customers after a long process, businesses have immediate access to motivated  customers with a “live” need.


I want to be clear. We’re not saying that you’ll stop buying traffic from Google & Facebook. There’s a reason why these powerful giants keep growing. The web marketing funnel is working well, even with low conversion rates. But now there’s an alternative path for growth that takes care of the unnecessary waste of time and money.


LeadCoin creates a win-win-win situation for all sides. The sellers are getting value for their unused leads and recovering their lost marketing budget. The buyers are finding new customers in real time with short ROI. And the leads are finding the right providers, faster.



Who are we building value for?


Which brings me to the my second question - who are we building value for while seeking leads online?


In the current web marketing funnel, every campaign we launch is building more value for the 3rd party platforms we use (Google, Facebook, Outbrain, etc.)  On LeadCoin, all the real-time ,business-to-business transactions are done using LeadCoin’s token, the LDC. The tokenization of lead sharing means that every token holder has an interest in the growth of LeadCoin. By turning leads into secure digital assets, LeadCoin produces a collaborative business economy. Media buyers, agencies, and businesses can now work together and grow together.


Whether it’s real estate, finance or website building,  the LeadCoin network fits any business in search of new customers.



What Do YOU Think?


I’m eager to hear your thoughts on LeadCoin and the way we use Blockchain to re-model the web marketing workflow. Come chat with us on Telegram:, or message me directly @ShmulikGrizim.



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