Eyal Rosen


​LeadCoin is on Liqui

We’re happy to announce that Liqui listed the LeadCoin Token (LDC) on its exchange yesterday. Liqui is the second exchange where you can buy and sell LDC Tokens, after LeadCoin was listed on Bancor last week. 


In fact, as of right now, we have the highest daily gain on Liqui with a 34% daily change!


This is great news for our community as we had a number of community members reach out to us on Telegram and on our social channels mentioning that they wanted to purchase LDC tokens during the crowdsale, but were unable to do so. Adding LeadCoin to multiple exchanges is very important to us, as we want to give community members as many options as possible for exchanges where they can buy and sell LDC Tokens. 

Stay tuned for updates on more new exchanges that will feature LDC. 




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