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Introducing LeadCoin’s Alpha Version 1.0​

Today marks a very exciting day for LeadCoin, as we’re releasing the Alpha version of our decentralized network. The Alpha version represents the first version of LeadCoin, where consumers and businesses are able to buy and sell hot leads in real time. This is a major development milestone for us, and we’re happy to report that we’re on track with our development roadmap. 


This year’s ban on crypto advertising by Google further indicates the need for an alternative way for businesses to buy leads. A number of companies have shown interest in LeadCoin’s lead sharing network and believe that we can revolutionize the web marketing industry.  Our strategic partners, Stox and Webydo will be amongst the first users to test the Alpha version. Both Stox and Webydo see LeadCoin as a potential game changer for their marketing platforms, and their feedback will be crucial in helping us improve our platform. 


The Alpha version allows you to enter the network and test it via a guided walk through. You can open an account either by entering your email address and password or by connecting with Google. From there you’ll enter the guided tour, which first shows you how to search for and buy leads within the network. 


To simplify things, we’ve made the guided tour compatible with the real estate industry, so you’ll see real estate terminology in the fields such as property type, size (sq. ft.) and location. Your account will be preloaded with 1,000 demo dollars, which you can use to purchase demo leads.  The tour takes you through the entire buying cycle and will then show you the “My Leads” page, where you can manage and edit your leads. 


From there you’ll simulate uploading a CSV (Excel) file with multiple leads to the system, which you can then sell to other users in the network. And the best part of the whole guided tour is that you can earn LDC tokens simply by taking part in the tour! Follow the instructions at the end of the tour and share your progress on Twitter (for a chance to win $5 in LDC tokens)! 


Here are a few images that show the functionality of LeadCoin’s Alpha Version:








Click here to register for the network and start your guided tour now. 



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