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LeadCoin's Head of Development, Aminadav Glickshtein, Lectures on Increasing Conversion Rates at All Things Data​

Last week our Head of Development, Aminadav Glickshtein spoke at the All Things Data conference in Tel Aviv, Israel in front of over 1,000 professionals. All Things Data is the largest annual data conference in Israel and attracts attendees from all over the world. The conference aims to to provide practical lectures and business opportunities for attendees who largely come from the marketing and digital spheres. 



After great feedback following last year’s lecture, the organizers invited Aminadav to come back and speak at this year’s conference. Sales managers, SEO experts, product managers and many other marketing professionals attended the conference to learn new ways of using data to increase conversion rates. The conference directly aligns with our objectives at LeadCoin, as we’re providing a solution that allows businesses to share data and buy leads in real time, thereby increasing conversion rates by using Blockchain technology and the LDC token. 



Conference attendees showed significant interest in the connection between web marketing and lead generation and blockchain technology. The network that allows a fast and transparent way for businesses to share hot leads is something that many of the attendees are waiting to use. 


Aminadav spoke for 30 minutes about ways to improve conversion rates by reducing the loading time of your website. Research shows that a one-second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversion rates. In his lecture, Aminadav laid out the steps for improving a website’s load speed in a way that even someone who thinks they’re already doing everything possible to decrease their site’s loading time could learn new methods of accomplishing this feat. The lecture was structured in a way that even those without the necessary technical background would be able to understand and implement the processes described by Aminadav.



Helping others is something that Aminadav does often, as he regularly lectures and shares his web development knowledge with his peers. Aminadav’s helpful nature coupled with his comprehensive web development and blockchain knowledge continue to push the LeadCoin development efforts forward. 


Stay tuned for more updates on Aminadav and on the new developments at LeadCoin here on our blog and in our Telegram group. 




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