The LeadCoin Team

Important Company Updates

We’ve had some very positive developments in the past week! Here are some of the exciting things that have recently happened at LeadCoin: 


1. We’ve experienced overwhelming demand for our pre-sale


We're happy to report that we’ve successfully closed our presale. The level of support from our contributors is beyond anything that we could have imagined and is a testament to the strength and loyalty of our community. 


Although we can’t disclose the identities of our presale contributors, we can tell you that they are very excited about what we do and are committed to Leadcoin's long-term success. Our token buyers believe in the LDC token and in the vision of LeadCoin. Together we’ll revolutionize the digital marketing industry, and create a real alternative to Google and Facebook. 


2. We expect to hit the hard cap before the end date of the crowdsale. 


Our presale results lead me to believe that our crowdsale will close in record time. Make sure that you buy your tokens as soon as the sale opens on March 1st at 10:00 AM GMT, so you don’t miss out!


3. Monetize your data 


We’re very excited to announce the development of our solution for consumers  
where we’ll enable consumers to monetize their own data.


The feature will work in the following way: 


  • Consumers share their data automatically via a cookie or manually via a web form that is related to products or services that they’re seeking

  • Consumers will then receive real-time, targeted offers from businesses who purchased the right to contact them

  • As soon as the lead  starts receiving offers from businesses they will be sent LDC tokens directly to their wallets

  • Ad Networks will present dedicated advertisements to potential customers based on the data they have shared.


4. New KYC requirements

Contributions for the total equivalent value of EUR 15,000 or greater, whether received in one lump sum or via multiple wallets in smaller amounts, will require KYC documentation as outlined here: 

  1. Government issued ID (Passport, etc)
  2. A utility bill with the name and address matching the ID. (Electric bill, phone, etc)
  3. Transaction IDs

These documents need to be provided in accordance with clauses 5 and 19 of the crowdsale Terms and Conditions, to the following address:
Tokens relating to such contributions will have to burned unless the relevant documentation has been provided to the satisfaction of Leadcoin within 10 days of the end of the token sale.


5. Countries that Cannot Participate in the Crowdsale

Due to legal restrictions we cannot accept contributions from any citizens of China, South Korea or the United States of America.


4 days and counting, see you all at the token sale! 

Click here to register for the token sale. 



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