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How to Contribute to LeadCoin’s Token Sale​

Below you’ll find detailed instructions for how to participate in the LeadCoin Token Sale. The sale will take place on March 1st at 10:00 am GMT and will stay open for 10 days or until we reach our hard cap of $50 million. 


2 days before the Crowdsale (February 27th, 10:00 AM GMT)


  • The final smart contract will be published on GitHub (
  • The token supply will be determined after the crowdsale, as we will generate the number of tokens based on the ETH raised during the crowdsale. The token price will be 1 ETH=15,000 LDC.
  • Instructions for participation in the sale will be listed on LeadCoin’s official website ( Very important: Do not send ETH before the start time of the token sale. Any transaction sent before the official start time will be declined and the gas cost will be burned. Check the pinned message on our official Telegram group (10k+ members)(
  • Very important: Only trust the two channels above to have the official ETH address for the token sale. We will not share our ETH address on any other channel or in any personal emails, telegram messages or any other private messages. 


Crowdsale begins on March 1st at 10:00 AM GMT


  • The crowdsale will stay open until March 11th at 10:00 AM GMT or until we reach our hard cap of $50 million, whichever comes first. 
  • There is no individual cap, so you can contribute as much as you want.
  • We do have KYC for contributions above 15,000 Euros, with details here []
  • The is no minimum contribution for the crowdsale. 
  • The recommended GAS limit is 300000.
  • The recommended GAS price is 100 GWei.
  • ERC-20 wallets can initiate transactions to the official contribution address presented on Leadcoin’s site ( at any time of the crowdsale.
  • This is the moment where speed and the gas price make the difference.
  • Please note that if your transaction is processed once all tokens are already sold your transaction will fail and consume all gas cost.


Detail instructions will be displayed on the website on March 1st at 10:00 AM (GMT).


Please note: Based on pre-sale results and crowd demand we expect this to be a record fast crowdsale. Please make sure to send your contributions as fast as possible!



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