The LeadCoin Team

Help us Test our Alpha - Take Part in our Bounty Program and Earn LDC! ​

We are happy to announce that the Alpha version of LeadCoin’s lead sharing network is now live, and we need your help testing it and spreading the word! 


Please carefully review the bounty requirements and criteria below.  



The target of our bounty program is to share our exciting Alpha Launch while encouraging the community to test the network by simulating transactions* with pre-loaded mock US Dollars and leads, to get rewarded!



❏ Receive $5 worth of LDC by completing the requirements below 



❏ You must join our Telegram group @LeadCoinNetwork

❏ You must be 18 years of age or older to participate

❏ You must successfully buy and sell leads on LeadCoin

❏ You can only participate once. Any additional accounts for the same user will be disqualified

❏ To protect our community from scams, LeadCoin reserves the right to disqualify any participant based on our own judgement

❏ Share your experience on Twitter with the hashtag #leadcoinalpha Example: “I just bought and sold 10 demo leads testing #leadcoinalpha! To join the LeadCoin Alpha bounty . ”




❏ The Bounty Program will start today (September 2nd) and will end on September 12th 

❏ The Bounty is capped at 400 participants, meaning, once 400 accounts successfully buy and sell leads, the Bounty Program will be closed. 


How to participate:  


  1. Make sure to complete this form once the bounty has closed
  2. We will contact you via email upon closing of the bounty program for your ERC-20 wallet address. 
  3. Important: make sure to register to the Alpha with the same email address you will use to send us your wallet address! Failure to do so will disqualify your bounty.
  4. Tokens will be distributed no later than 30 days after the Bounty Program has closed. 





For any questions, please email


We also encourage all users to provide feedback or ask questions on Telegram 


Good Luck!


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