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Everything you Need to Know about LDC’s Token Economy​

You probably have some questions about the LDC token with the crowdsale right around the corner. And you know what? You’re probably not alone. We’ve outlined some of our most common questions in this post to answer everyone’s questions about our Token Economy. 


When will LDC be available for use? 


You’ll be able to use LeadCoin no later than 24 hours after the end of the token sale. 


Will you be listed on the most popular exchanges? And Will I be able to trade the LDC token through the regular cryptocurrency exchanges? 


Legal restrictions prevent us from commenting on these questions at this time; however, we will have the answers published on our website as soon as we receive legal approval. 


What is the total supply of tokens? 


The total supply of token will be calculated after the conclusion of the token sale. That supply will be calculated based on the equation:  1 ETH = 15,000 LDC


How long will it take for the token to have liquidity? 


LeadCoin's LDC token will be liquid directly after the crowdsale. In fact, it will have unlimited liquidity as the token is compatible with the Bancor Protocol.


Who are the people that purchased during the presale? 


We can’t comment yet on specific financial details regarding the pre sale. Stay tuned for updates. 


What are you doing with unsold tokens?


We won’t have any unused tokens, as LDC tokens will only be generated following the token sale in accordance with our smart contract. This means that we will only generate the number of tokens purchased by our crowdsale contributors. 


When are you going to be listed on coinmarketcap?


Soon we hope! Coinmarketcap lists tokens only when a token has been already listed on other exchanges. That's why the token needs to be traded on multiple exchanges before coinmarketcap lists LDC. 


We’re counting down the days to our big event! Make sure you join our Telegram group and register on our website for the latest LeadCoin updates.





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