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Updates: Blockchain in Gibraltar, a Revised White Paper and More​

It’s been a very exciting week at LeadCoin! Not only have we published an updated version of our white paper, but we’ve also reached a couple of major milestones. 



We Reached 1.5K Telegram Followers!


It’s been a great week for community building at LeadCoin, as we reached an important milestone of 1,500 members in our Telegram group. Telegram remains our main social channel, where we can directly engage with potential crowdsale contributors and future users of the LeadCoin Network. In addition to Telegram, we’re growing and engaging with our community on our other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit and Youtube.  


Fun in Gibraltar  


Yesterday we sponsored and participated in the Blockchain and BitCoin Conference in Gibraltar. Our CMO, Eyal Rosen, attended and presented. Eyal spoke about how Blockchain is allowing businesses to take back ownership and control of tools offered by the giants in the field of web marketing. Our Director of Social Media, Alana Levitan, also attended the conference, engaging with potential contributors, advisors and other Blockchain enthusiasts. 



CoinTelegraph Listed Us!


In the past couple of weeks we’ve been listed on a number of major cryptocurrency websites, and this week we made it onto CoinTelegraph.  With  21 million site visitors per month, Cointelegraph is one of the most trusted sources for all crypto news, and we’re happy to be featured on their site. 



What’s New in Our White Paper?


1. New diagrams showing the leads’ Life Cycle


We’ve added a few diagrams showing the leads’ Life Cycle and the encryption process of leads’ 

personal information when being entered into the LeadCoin network. See the diagram below to view the entire process: 



2. Explanation of quality assurance 

Quality assurance is something that we had not previously elaborated on in earlier versions of the white paper, and we added this section after consulting with our advisors. Quality assurance refers to the procedures taken by a buyer to contact a lead in an effort to close a sale. This includes elements such as the number of call and email attempts made to a lead. As time goes on these metrics will be improved, to develop the ideal number of call and email contact attempts necessary for closing a sale. 


3. Explanation of different types of contracts 

We went into more detail for our smart contracts, identifying the escrow and history contracts that will be part of the LeadCoin network. 


4. Off chain components 

We  have now separated the actions that will happen on and off the Blockchain. Off chain components include the lead creation process, import and CRM integration. While these processes occur off chain the actual transaction will be on the Blockchain. 


5. 3rd party dependencies 

We expanded this section to include UPort/Civic and Tendermint. 


6. Implementation considerations 

We expanded this section to cover the topics of information privacy, collusion between arbitrators, lead data storage, quality assurance of leads, and duplicate leads. 


7. Expanded team section 

We’ve recently added new members to our team, and we are now a team of 17. We intend to further expand our team in an effort to expedite our marketing and development roadmaps, especially following the crowdsale. 



8. Translation to different languages 

We are in the midst of translating the latest version of our white paper to Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We will continue to monitor our community, and we will translate the white paper to any additional relevant language. 


Click here to read our updated white paper in English. 





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