The LeadCoin Team

$50 Million in Less than 30 Minutes​

Now that we’ve had a chance to reflect on our crowdsale and the overwhelming participation and enthusiasm from our community, there are a few points that we’d like to share. 


1. $50 million raised from hundreds of contributors around the world

We’re excited that we reached our hard cap of $50 million in only 26 minutes. 


The successful crowdsale goes to show the strength of our community.  Without all of you none of this would have been possible. I understand that not all of you had the chance to participate in our crowdsale, which is why we’ve worked very hard to add the LDC token to multiple exchanges. 




2. We’re already on two exchanges

LeadCoin Tokens (LDC) are now available on on both Bancor and Liqui. Currently, we’re #2 (only to Bancor which will always be number 1 on their platform) with over $1M in daily volume. Liqui and Bancor will help us make LDC available to our community while also protecting the LDC token against volatility. Both of these considerations are important to us, as we want to offer the best possible token to our followers.


Stay tuned for updates, as we expect to be listed on even more exchanges in the coming weeks. 


3. Working hard on the MVP 


Now that we’ve successfully completed our crowdsale we’ll soon start developing the MVP and first version of LeadCoin. We’ll make sure to provide you with updates on the progress and release date of our product via our blog, newsletter and on our Telegram group.





4. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned

We’ve reached a critical milestone, yet the hard work has just begun. We need to make sure that the LDC token will be listed on as many exchanges as possible, and we need to build a strong team who will construct the best possible LeadCoin network. We’ll make sure to announce new developments with exchanges, product, and team members in our blog and in the Telegram group.


There have been a lot of new developments at LeadCoin, and our vision is clearer than ever. We are here to offer an alternative to Google & Facebook where consumers can monetize their data and businesses can buy and sell qualified leads in real time.


The future of web marketing is here!






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