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Five Fun Facts about LeadCoin

At this point you probably understand LeadCoin’s solution, and you’re probably anxiously awaiting the start of our crowdsale. Well guess what? So are we! And that’s not all. There’s plenty of other fun stuff happening at our company right now. Here are five fun facts about LeadCoin that you may not already know.


1. Did you know there are wild monkeys in the streets of Gibraltar?


If you’ve read this far you probably already know what LeadCoin is, but do you know who’s behind our decentralized lead sharing network? We’re a team of 17 employees, with our headquarters in Gibraltar and our R&D in Israel. Our Founder, Shmulik Grizim, has founded three other companies in the Saas, web design and digital marketing industries. Fun fact: If you ever make it to Gibraltar, you’ll see wild monkeys on the streets. 


This guy wasn’t too happy when we told him that the pre-sale was closed. 


2. Same Team that Brought you Webydo


That’s right, LeadCoin’s founder, Shmulik Grizim, also founded Webydo, a code-free website design platform and CMS built for website and graphic designers. Webydo is a patent-protected company and has gained notoriety as one of the most designer-friendly web design platforms. Forbes names Webydo as one of the top five startups reshaping the web economy. 

Webydo’s experience with the web marketing industry inspired the idea for LeadCoin, as Webydo itself dealt with the problem of low conversion rates and not enough qualified leads. This experience has helped the LeadCoin team identify the core problem within the web marketing industry and will allow them to develop the perfect solution. 


3. Chewy is our part-time CFO, Chief Fluff Officer


We’re very dog friendly at LeadCoin, as we find that cute creatures increase everyone’s morale and productivity. Chewy, a two year old Shih Tzu, can be seen below working hard to meet a tight deadline. When not plugging away on his desktop Chewy can be found begging for food or  looking for belly rubs. 


Chewy monitoring the blockchain in real-time


4. Travelling the World on a Yacht (well...not really)


Last week we attended the Blockchain and BitCoin Conference in Gibraltar on the Sunborn Hotel Casino Yacht. The Yacht is real enough, only it’s stationary. Oh well, at least the casino was moving! Our CMO, Eyal Rosen, spoke to guests about how Blockchain is allowing businesses to take back ownership and control of tools offered by the giants of the digital marketing field. It’s important for us to engage with industry experts and potential token buyers, so they can hear about the latest developments at LeadCoin straight from the team. 


We had a great time aboard the Sunborn Hotel Casino Yacht.


5. R&D Sits in the Alignment Blockchain Hub


In November the LeadCoin team moved offices to the Atrium Building in Tel Aviv, Israel, where they joined the Alignment Blockchain Hub. The Hub houses other successful Blockchain companies such as Stox, and features token sale, cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts. We moved to the Alignment Hub, so we could be close to the experts who will help us turn our dream of a Blockchain company and new token into a reality. 






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